Great to finally find a real Indian restaurant serving real Indian food in Nice. Good service but more importantly delicious food - whatever you try! The prices are as they should be - not very expensive and the ambiance is quiet, reserved and relaxed. Highly recommend it!

James Doe
New York City, Visited Raja on March 2012: comment posted on TripADvisor.

The place has great ambience and serve good Indian food. The service was good too.
A very quiet setting with candle light. It was a romantic dinner. The location is beautiful, just across the road from the docks.

Rishi Nair
Melbourne,Australia, Visited Raja on April 2012: comment posted on TripADvisor.

This is one of the few REAL Indian restaurants in the French Riviera. Though the staff are a mix of young French and Indians, the chef is from India. What is nice is that he cooks authentic Indian food, irrespective of local French tastes. For instance, the vegetable curry tastes much like it does in India and the meat dishes are loaded with spices.

I don't understand the other reviews on this website about the Raja... I guess that as they are written by local French residents, they aren't reflective of true Indian tastes.. and trust me, I KNOW Indian food as I have lived in India...! Go eat at Raja.. it beats the hell out of other pseudo Indian restaurants such as Delhi Belly/Belhi in the old town of Nice!

London, UK, Visited Raja on MAY 2011: comment posted on TripADvisor..